Can I use excel round worm liquid on my chickens?

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    I have not seen worms, but figure it's time to worm my girls. I have a small bottle of excel and it says it has piperazine in it. I can not find anything here for chickens so I'm trying tp figure out how to get them wormed and need some advice. I want something easy, maybe a wormer to squirt in there mouth. I can get some over the Internet, but the one I found is for 250 birds and costs 43.00 and I have only 5 birds lol. What's a good med I can get that's easy to administer and that does not cost a fortune. I heard you can buy cattle wormer but how would you break that down to fit a 7 pound bird?
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    You can purchase Safeguard liquid goat wormer (fenbendazole) from or call them. It comes in a 125ml bottle and costs about $17 and is a better wormer than wazine/piperazine. Administer orally. Dosage is 1cc for giants, 3/4cc for large fowl, 1/2cc for standards, 1/4cc for smaller birds. Redose in 10 days. There's a 24 day withdrawal start to finish.

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