can i use olive leaf tea extract to treat this?

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    May 23, 2011
    Really new at this. Yesterday and today two 10 day old chicks have died. I have four left of this flock. changed the bedding cleaned water and added apple cider vinegar, tomorrow getting Corid or something like that. But tonight when I was washing my feathered feet bantam of poo that could be bad, I noticed one of my silkies eyes was shut and then in comparison to the other silkie her eyes seem to have a discharge coming from them, she also almost looked as if she was doing the little gasping thing the other two did before they died. I didn't notice their eyes being "juicy" I cleaned it off and it opened, but still concerned about the discharge. any guesses and does this seem like the same thing that could be killing my chicks? I saw a thread from a few years ago, maybe put a drop into the water and it could help or dilute and put in eye, I am going to try the olive leaf tea in the eye, but what about using the oil extract in water?? can't find anything on web about toxicity in chicks, they are almost 2 weeks old.

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