Can I use this heater to heat my coop on negative degree nights?

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    Dec 26, 2010
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    Are you looking for a unit that won't harm the chickens, and that they can't poop on? It looks like it would do that ... but the cost is heavy duty.
    Several of the customer reviews tell of the unit cracking, and that's inside the house. I would tend to think that using one in a coop might be a little rougher usage for the unit.
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    Sure you could. Of course depending on how big your coop is, it may/may not make much of a temp. difference. But you don't want a big temp. difference anyway, right?? I think most people put those things right behind the roosts, just to give a bit of warmth while roosting. They're supposed to be very safe. We're using one of those radiator looking self-contained oil type heaters in our coop this winter. It's on it's lowest setting available, and so far is working like a charm. But I've had my eye on the flat panel heaters like the one you posted about...still waiting to hear more feedback from folks who currently use them...
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    Yes you can, I have these in my coops, not the same brand but same style. This is the thrid winter, I have them set on a thermostat and I love them
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    Dec 2, 2010
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    You hang that at their wall, right ?
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