Can I use "Vi-Tal Water Vitamin, Electrolyte and Mineral Supplement" for my new chicks?


One of the Shire-folk
12 Years
Apr 14, 2009
I'm getting chicks again tomorrow (hopefully!
) and I had to pick up a new package of electrolyte supplement - it's a different brand than the one I've had before. It's called Vi-Tal: A Water Vitamin, Electrolyte and Mineral Supplement" - it says that it can be used for several different species, including chickens, although on the back it gives "how many of --- animal will this package treat" for chickens of various ages, but not "Zero Weeks" - the first one is "1 week." Is it okay for me to give to my newly arrived chicks tomorrow? It also has a significantly higher sodium content (Durvet - 32-37%, Vi-Tal - 47.1-51.8%) than the Durvet electrolyte mix I've had before, so I don't know if that's okay?


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