Can I use Western Red Cedar?

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    I found a place not far from me that specializes in Cedar. Approx $4.50 per 8ft 2x4. This is actually cheaper then pressure treated wood at my local Lowe's and Home Depot (actually about the same price as HemFir). But can I use it? I know there are fumes inside the Cedar that is toxic to chickens and the main goal is to not use Cedar shavings, but what I want to know is if I build most of my coop out of this stuff, will it hurt my chickens? I'd use stain and sealant to make sure the wood isn't sitting there not coated with anything, but for the most part, would the fumes from the Cedar be enough fumes to potentially harm my chickens?

    The run would be a 10x4ft Cedar frame with Cedar supports in it, and then a 4x4ft coop on top of that that would have Cedar siding. Everything else would be a variant of plywood and HemFir.

    Thanks in advanced!
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    That's odd, I tested the link after posting & it worked but it sure doesn't now.

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