Can I wean them off light/heat indoors?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by amgreen1980, May 17, 2011.

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    So, my girls are coming on 4 weeks old, about 75% feathered. I just went to the basement to give them a treat and the light was out in the brooder. We keep a light on over the washer/dryer which is near the brooder, so it wasn't totally dark. Anyway, they were sleeping, but not huddled like they were cold. Could I start turning their light off at night, to maybe help them for when they move into the coop? I would say our basment is probably around 70 degrees, maybe a bit warmer through the night, since we have been running the furnace some still.
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    They need the optimal temperature available until fully feathered, including their heads.

    90-95 degrees the first week of life and decrease by 5 degrees per week until fully feathered, usually around 6 weeks of life. I leave it on later for them when brooding in winter, though.

    I would say they need access to 75, with the ability to get away from the heat at this time. You might be able to accomplish this with a 100 watt bulb or less. (I check temps under the light, and routinely use 2 or 3- 100 watt bulbs instead of heat lamps anyways.)
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    If your basement truly stays at 70 degrees, then they should be fine without the light.

    How many chicks do you have? If just a few, I'd probably wait another week - not enough of them to huddle up for warmth. You could leave them off the light during the day when it's warmer, and give it to them at night when it's colder. (that's what I do - night light is the last thing I take away)
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    We just moved our 6-7 week girls outside to their coop. We have two 250 W lights running 24X7. In the morning when I check is ~ 50 degrees in the coop...much hotter of course under the lights. The all (48 or so) seem comfortable, regardless of whether they are under the lights or not. Now, our turkeys are different. They seem to be cold if it is less than 70 degrees in their quarters.
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    There are 7 of them. I wil go ahead and leave it on for another week or so. I just thought it might be benifitial to get them used to sleeping without light before the transition. Thanks! [​IMG]

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