Can impacted wisdom teeth cause pain in other teeth?

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    I've been having some pain in the top and bottom jaw around the canine teeth for the last few days. I'm wondering if it was due to a couple of my teeth having cavities but the ones on the top have been fixed. The pain started in both places at the same time and has been hurting off and on. This winter I've had two impacted wisdom teeth trying to come in on the bottom. The top ones are most of the way in but not completely.

    I've had two abscessed teeth before at the same time and that pain was extremely painful and constant. The teeth also kept having toothaches before I had gotten the abscess. This pain I can't pin point to certain teeth. I'm starting to wonder if the pain is from overcrowding from the wisdom teeth. The teeth have been getting wedged closer and closer together during this winter. One tooth on the bottom was already tilted inward but has been moving more inward and the top teeth are so close that I have a hard time flossing without it shredding (it's the glide kind also).

    I called up and got an appointment for next Tuesday to have an oral surgeon look at my wisdom teeth to see about removing them since they need removed anyway. One thing I'm worrying about is if I get the wisdom teeth removed and that wasn't what was making them hurt and have the extraction pain plus the other teeth aching at the same time. I'll definitely ask him about the pain cause I don't want to have an infection before having them pulled. If my teeth start hurting more before Tuesday I will call another dentist up to have them checked out.

    I've been putting off having my wisdom teeth removed for 10 years due to me being scared to death of having the extraction done. I had some problems with my childhood dentist that I think caused this fear. The only thing I'm glad about is that I will be gassed out during the extraction. I'm wondering if anyone knew if the after pain was worse than an abscessed tooth? The abscessed teeth I had I could barely stand and went in for emergency draining. Pain medicine doesn't really work to good on me.

    I do plan on stocking up with water, puddings, jellos, apple sauce, mild soups, DVDs, and a puke bucket just incase after having them extracted since I've gotten sick before when I was gassed out. I'll have the bed stocked up with pillows so I can lean back up stay upright. Will have ice packs ready to help with swelling. I do know not to spit, suck, rinse, or use any straws to avoid dry socket. Is there anything else I should have ready or be aware of?
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    Do NOT suck things....worse thing to do! I've had dry sockets and the surgery itself wasn't bad at all.

    If you don't get them out, they WILL cause pain to your other teeth, possibly realign them. The sooner you get them out, the better it will be in the long run.
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    I've had extracted wisdom teeth out. It was a long, long time ago. I remember discomfort, but not horrible pain.

    I would recommend that you ask some of these questions of your oral surgeon, or dentist, before you go in. It may make you feel more calm. Also, let them know of your anxiety about this. They are used to having patients that experience a greater anxiety about these procedures.

    Make sure you have someone to drive you home afterward.
  4. reveriereptile

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    I think that is what I'm having the problem with now is my teeth moving. I had a crowded mouth before the wisdom teeth developed. If I take my finger nail and place it inbetween my teeth on the right side of my mouth it hurts a slight bit. The gum area near the top wisdom tooth is tender.

    My mouth has been hurting most of the day but it might be mostly in my head. I've noticed that before if I keep thinking about it the pain seems worst. I went downstairs to fix something to eat and the pain went away for a few minutes till I took a bite of food. I think it might of been the heat that caused that pain since after a bit of rocking it quit hurting again. I don't have any problem sleeping like I did with abscessed teeth.

    My husband or FIL is going to drive me to and from the office when I get them taken out. I already warned them of me possibly getting sick and might not know what I'm saying.
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    I had mine removed about 3 years ago. Mine where only a thrid of the way threw but where already pushing on other teeth causing me really bad pain. I was put under for the whole proccess becuase I am so afraid of dentist. It really was not that bad though. When I came to I did not have alot of pain and they sent me home with pain pills. The first one i took made me sick and so did the second time i took it so i did the whole healing without pain med help. Really was not bad. Just had to eat alot of soft food. What generally makes you sick is the amount of blood you swallow when you are in for the precedure so that is what will probably make you sick. You will probably be really sensitive to cold things to and it took about a month for my whole mouth to be pain free and I have had no problems since. Having them removed will open up room and should make things a little better.
  6. reveriereptile

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Northern NY
    I may call a dentist tomorrow to have my teeth looked at before my appointment next week. I'm worried about a possible abscess. If they aren't abscessed then maybe I can get them filled while I'm there to get them taken care of. I'm wanting to get the rest of my dental work done before May since I plan on trying for a baby then.
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    I hated the dentist other than the last one I went to cause, well she was HOT! Oral surgeon on the other hand was a easy. Out like a light in seconds an the pain afterwards was nothing like how I felt before I went. Mind you I had all mine pulled....
  8. reveriereptile

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Hopefully I get all this done and over with soon. I keep putting off having my teeth fixed due to problems with the air and water spray making my wisdom teeth painful while trying to have other teeth worked on. After I get the teeth extracted I want to try and get the rest of my teeth fixed shortly after. What is bad is I've been sitting around in pain since I got up and then it quits hurting for a few minutes and starts up again. I'm stumped on whether I have an abscessed tooth or not. I was laying on the bed a minute ago in pretty bad pain and then I sat up for a minute and it quit hurting. I'll probably still give a dentist a call tomorrow to try to get it though. I don't want to sit around for a week and the pain get worse while finding out I have an abscessed tooth causing it.
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    Get themout ASAP and yes you will have pain 3 or 4 teeth away. From experience.
  10. mz.candiz

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    Nov 18, 2011
    I would go see a doctor even, if the tooth is abscessed you will need to go on antibiotics before they can perform oral surgery. A dentist or a doctor will be able to provide you with that. Don't put off get any teeth fixed or your wisdom teeth removed any longer. They can not only cause all sorts of problems in your mouth, but the rest of body as well. Including very serious heart related conditions. I personally put off getting my wisdom teeth removed for a couple of years because of childhood trauma from a dental hygienist, and to be honest with you the pain I put myself through by not going in for those years was totally not worth it. The day after surgery I was in less pain then I was with the teeth still in my mouth.

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