Can laying hens eat it???????

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    Medicated starter????? Would the eggs be safe for people and dogs to eat if they did eat med. starter?? I know chicks can't have layer. And I know in the heat they should not have corn or scratch. I have alot of young pullets and very young chicks with my layers. Was thinking of starting to only feed Med starter and non med grower finisher with free oyster shell. The only reason I feed med. is the first couple of years I lost ALOT of babies, then when I started them on the med. They all did 90% better.
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    Hi MakNat,
    You can feed your pullets med. starter. If you want the eggs for consumtion wait 2-3 weeks before regarding them safe.
    And I know in the heat they should not have corn or scratch

    I do think you can feed corn and scratch, in hot weather, but as a "treat" or adding to their feed.​
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    If it's ONLY amprolium as the medicated ingredient you can feed it to your birds all the way until they start laying. No withdrawal period necessary. Other active ingredients can be different so go with the label directions or contact the mill that made it.

    You can feed scratch and/or corn any time winter or summer. It's all a matter of how much for the amount of protein that your birds are eating. The lower the protein the layer ration contains the less scratch or additional corn you should feed. The higher the protein the more you can give them of the scratch or corn.

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