Can leg mites cause loss of leg feathers?


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Jul 22, 2013
I took over care of a mama bantam and 4 babies last night. They aren't tame and very upset about being moved here (they don't yet know how spoiled their gonna get
) but I've been trying to figure out the breed of the mama. She appears to have a few tiny tiny feathers on her legs (all babies have feathered legs, but I have no info on rooster) but I have absolutely ZERO experience/knowledge of bantams, having a hen that's raising babies, or feathered breeds......I know I know, kinda over my head here but was trying to help the last owners out as they could no longer care for them.

I've been researching leg mites but have found no information on whether leg mites can cause leg feather loss. Any input????


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Feb 24, 2009
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Sometimes the breeds with feathered legs only have a few little feathers on them. Others have alot of feathers. When you look at the legs, the scales should be nice and flat and smooth. So scaly leg mites would look very rough, with the scales not flat, but raised, and some crust stuff on them. You would definitely know.

If you think they all have mites or lice, I would powder them up with some poultry dust (or Seven dust). That really does a great job, and you repeat in exactly 2 weeks so as to kill any of the little nits that hatch from eggs before they can reproduce.

If they have the scaly leg mites, then you can mix some of the Seven dust with petroleum jelly and then rub that on the hen's legs. Really slather that on. That should be done a few times a day. The jelly suffocates the mites and the Seven dust will help kill them also.

I think you'll do just fine. Bantams are not much different than the large fowl.

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