Can male pigeons be caged together?

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by NanaKat, Mar 29, 2016.

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    My grandson texted me a question...can male pigeons be caged together while a female mate is caged nearby to rest?
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    I believe this fancier may be right on his assessment. The question does remain how long does the male remain frustrated. Some fanciers separate their sexes during the winter while housed in the same loft. Squabbles do happen when this is first done. Usually in a day or so once the pecking order and territories are established peace is restored. When I toss my homers I find separating the sexes in the release boxes seems to cause less turmoil.
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    Thank you. I'll let him know.
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    I would not advise this. If the female is one of the males mates.. and he can see and hear her.. he will be very stressed and try to get to her.. he will get very frustrated and fight with the other male.
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    I've separated males on one side of wire, and females on other. Some pairs establish and fiercely guard side or corner they stay at each side of, some not so much cause of other pairs doing so. When I separate so pairs cannot see each other than the females pair and nest/lay together. A lot of different personalities I've seen in different breeds families and areas of pigeons though.. One thing is to not leave feeder in, or they'll fight a lot more because of claiming it, which they may do over water container too. Best bet is to have two perches or pegs just big enough for each male, half on one side of cage half on other. I've used red bricks just one per one or two birds for bottom of cages as well n worked out good for better feet n beak health too. Some breeds like tumbler breeds do a lot better with different situations, where my showy breeds stressed n took lot longer adjusting to switching them n their mates around.
    My non breeding males did better as far as training and behavior, when I had a bachelor cage they couldn't see rest.
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