Can molting cause a chicken to be lethargic?


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
Rocky Rooster Boy, my 6 month old GL cockeral was lethargic when I just went to let everyone out. He was fine all day yesterday and last night. So I went to pick him up and examine him for any signs of anything. The only thing I noticed besides him being lethargic, was his whole neck is going through a molt. His eyes seemed a little cloudy but no discharge, bugs or anything else out of the ordinary. Everyone else is fine, but no one else is molting either. They all get ACV in their water daily as well
I tried to look info up and I couldn't find anything that gave me an answer
Thank you
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Just went to check on him and now he looks fine?? I am just going to assume its something with the molt since there are no other symtoms. Oh wait I have nothing to worry about today, so he figured he would help me out with that
we increase the protein when they are molting....also dried wheat is really good for them and will help the feathers grow in faster.

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