Can more then one male quail live together?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by backyardchickenfarmer, May 3, 2009.

  1. Hello, I was wondering, i might get a few quail and i wanted to know if more then 1 rooster quail can live together in harmony? i was thinking maybe 8 hens and 2 males? would that work? Thanks

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    It really depends on the individual birds. I have had males only in a cage that were trying to kill each other. They had never been around females (didn't have any). Now I have 3 tuxedo males with 1 (poor girl!) tuxedo hen and there is no blood shed. I also have 5 males and 3 females in one button group, and 4 males to 3 females in another group. They don't seem to like it much, but there are no major problems. Just try it and see how they do.
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    Ive got a pen with 3 hens and 3 roos, all bobwhites and they all get along great. But like shelley said really depends on the birds, some get along better than others. Also the size of cage they are in depends on it too. The more room they have the less likey they are to fight.
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    This one is interesting to me because I have all these huge roos that coexist beautifully but I have 3 quail in my office in the "emergency room" because the males don't get along! I have one who is a Holy terror,, he is just flat out mean, he pecked another down the bone in the back of the neck, he'll be alright, but geez, one quail isn't enough to eat if you know what I mean? I have 5 hens and 3 boys, 2 of the boys are great, the one.... grrr!
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  6. That coop is fantastic! There absolutely is room for 10 quail in there. I have a smaller set up for my 6 A&M coturnix--was supposed to have 5 hens/1 roo, but have 4 hens/2 roos. Everything seem to be A OK so far! But....anyone need an A&M roo? [​IMG] I'm having the same "issue"--one quail isn't enough to eat! LOL
  7. LOL, ok thats great what would be some good things to put in there for them to hide in and stuff? theres going to be a sand box in there for them to dust bathe. Thanks!

  8. OK, don't laugh at me buuuuuuuuuuuut.... I put a generously-sized two-story bird house in for my birds and they LOVE it.[​IMG] I had to cut the openings a tad bigger, though. They'll spend all day and night in there if they can all squeeze their fluffy behinds in it! LOL Maybe a large fake plant? Fake ivy or something of the like? Driftwood pieces would be nice if you have a source. The sandbox sounds like a hit! I put a terracotta saucer (from the garden store) in with my crew every so often for dust bathing. They get so excited when they see me coming with that thing! [​IMG]

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  9. That bird house idea sounds really good! good idea! do you have pics. of your quail coop? Thanks
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    Its fine if they were raised together. But if you put 2 that do not know each other they will kill each other.

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