Can my 2 wk old chicks go out to the garage brooder?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by shelleyb1969, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I've got 11 bantam cochin chicks who are 2 weeks old today. They're in a makeshift brooder in my office with a heat lamp. They've gotten entirely too big for this brooder. I just set up a big brooder (made out of a watermelon box) in my garage for them. Can I move them out there, or are they still too young? I've got a 250 watt heat lamp out there, but the nights here are down in the 50's, and the days are only in mid 70's...for now. I can, if needed, add a second heat lamp for them.
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    They should be at 90 degrees in their second week and then 85 for their third and so on until they get to the 70's and they should be feathered out and ready to go into their coop by then.
    As long as you keep them warm as they should be and out of drafts and predator safe, it should be fine.
    I feel your pain! I had mine in here with me until middle of last week. They are 3 weeks old this week [​IMG]. I'm STILLLLLLLL cleaning their dust off everything. They were trying to fly up on the brooder walls and it sounded like I had 100 instead of 29! Luckily our temps went back to 70s and above at night and they are happily outside in their regular brooder.
    Good luck!!!!

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