Can my broody chicken eat medicated chick starter?


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Hi, okay i have a question. Can my broody chicken eat medicated chick starter? I have food for her and separate food for the baby chicks but she was giving them her own food. And the baby chicks only eat what she gives them. So can i feed her the chick starter and take out her food from the pen?
Yes, it's perfectly fine to give her chick starter feed. Nothing will harm her, and it is the only food you can give her considering she eats what the babies eat (or vice-versa). It won't harm the broody hen at all.
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She won't start laying again until she stops being broody so you won't have to worry about the eggs having medication. Usually, it is the eggs people don't want medication in the feed getting into the eggs.


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