Can my Cochin get wet in extreme heat?


May 4, 2017
I have 3 bantam Cochins and I live in Texas where it gets over 90 degrees in the summer. I've read they are not supposed to get wet but I also read that chickens like to play in water. Besides the Cochins I have 2 gold sexlinks and 1 unidentified hen but she's regular size (not bantam). So my mom had planned to give all of them a little tub with water so they could play and keep cool, then I found out on here that we have Cochins (we were told they were silkies as chicks) and they can't get wet.
So my question: can my Cochins play in the tub of water like the other 3 hens as long as it's really hot outside? (Over 90 degrees)
They can get wet, but I've never seen chickens play in water, I have seen them drown in it. Wet sand, or a misting is a better idea.
It will be interesting to see if they utilize it. I haven't had any of my chickens stand in a bowl of water, and my bantam cochins avoid puddles, can't hurt to try if it isn't deep.

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