can my rooster have ibuprofen?


Dec 7, 2017
so today my chickens desided to go out in to the road, while i was unawear of it my big rooster who is about a year and half, got hit. i dont think its very bad, biggest thing is his left leg. he cant hardly stand on it.
i am going to keep him in the house for a few days so i can keep an eye on him.

so my question is, can i give him ibuprofen for the pain?
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Aug 18, 2017
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1/2baby aspirin (81mg) every 4-6 hours. Stuffed in a kernel of canned corn or a grape. IBU is too hard on their liver. You need to be very careful. If he was hit by a car and has internal injuries aspirin could make things go terribly wrong (internal bleeding).
If his leg is injured crate him. Limit him from walking on it. Confine him to a small place. I would do this first to see if rest and staying off it helps.

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