Can New Hampshires And Sussex Breeds Stand Cold Weather?

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  1. I am considering getting those two breeds of chicks this spring, and I am wondering how cold they can get. During winter, daytime tempurtures go from 30 to -5 degrees F. Will they be able to go outside during the winter?
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    yes, they can handle the cold, but you might want heat if it gets below 0 in at least the coop, not necesarily the run, but you probably want heat if it gets below 0, most chickens can't handle the cold under 0 degrees very well.
  3. We keep a thermostat heater in the coop, so it never gets below 32 or so.

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    Where I live it somtimes hits -30f. I don't have heat in my coops & the birds handle the cold just fine.
    The two breeds named here are well suited to handle cold weather. In your case, with a heated coop, any breed would be fine.
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    I'm not familiar with the temps in Sussex, but I know it gets cold in New Hampshire! Those birds were developed there way before electricity or warming coops. They HAD to be hardy!
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    Sussex well do fine. After all they are a winter layer! our temps get down to -30c a lot and sussex do fine (-25 to -30 is normal for us)
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    Just make sure, if you are buying this time of year, you buy your birds from a regin which has weather similar to your own. You wouldn't want to bring Southern birds up to your area this time of year. Too late for them to acclimtize. For Sussex breeders in your weather region, check out the various BYC lists on Sussex and the Directory at the parent Club , American Sussex Association online.
    Karen in western PA

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