Can peas be trained to come in at night like guineas?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Trefoil, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Dec 7, 2011
    I would like to let my peas out during the day, but have them in at night for protection. My babies are about 3months old. Could I train them to reliably come back to their coop at night to roost?
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    Well i got mine to go in for a while till they got brave and started ranging farther from their pen, then one evening rite before dark they took to the roof, i climbed up there a few times to get them down but it only worked a time or two in the end they won and have been sleeping in the trees up by the house, they are safe here in the trees because there are dogs everywhere, if something flushes them out of the trees the dogs are there to see what is going on and take care of them.

    I also have security lights around the areas where the birds roost, so anything moving around at night is seen by all and the alarm is given , then the dogs come to see what all the fuss is about.

    I let mine out the day they turned 4 months old, that was 2 years ago and a year ago for the last hatch.

    They can be trained to stay in certain areas but you have to be persistent, i can herd my peas anywhere ,but it took time to teach them, they use to go to my daughters alot but i did not want them over there because she has to much for them to get into there so i have taught them not to go there, sometimes they slip up and i catch them over there especial last week when my daughter was making a walkway out of some bricks i gave her, the peas just could not resist going to see what she was doing making all that noise(she was tapping the bricks into place) I let them see then back home we went, it is only across the drive way but they know they are no longer allowed there.
    Oh and she has a brand new Vehicle a nice shinny maroon one and the last time she drove over here the peas got all excited and surroned her ride then chased that SUV out of the yard, she kept stopping and i told here you better keep moving or they are going to fly up on top of it [​IMG]

    Here are some of my nosy peas inspecting the trees i planted, now these trees have been sitting in the pots for a month and had already been inspected but once i planted them they needed to be inspected again. I LOVE MY PEAS

    Click to enlarge photos.

    Supervising my work.LOL

    Time for a 15 minute break.

    Back to work.
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