can pekin ducklings be colour sexed?


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Palmerston North
Well it turns out that some of my ducklings are pure blood of pekin. I noticed that a couple of them have pure orange bills and the other 2 have pinkish bills. Could one be male and the other female?

I really hope it is as easy as that...
No. I'm pretty sure you can't sex Pekins by the bill color. We had five drakes this year and 4 had dark orange bills and one had a light colored bill. The 5 females had orange bills. I think in all Pekins the bills can be a range of colors from orange to yellow.
i have one hen out of my 14 breeder pekin hens that has a lighter pinkish bill. it may be a genetic trait. but it has absolutley no bearing on the sex of the bird as an identifier or otherwise.

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