Can rooster mate with his daughters?


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Feb 2, 2009
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Can you mate rooster with his daughters just for eggs to eat. Not to reproduce. Is it okay?
I know but I want to hatch chicks from unrelated hen and roo. They free range all the time and I was wondering If he can mate with them just for consum eggs. I can't stop him and I don't want to buy some new If I can have my own
The way I read this is that you want to know if it is OK to eat eggs that are fertilized by the hen's father. Not hatch them, eat them. The clear answer is that they are safe to eat. They are safe to eat if they are fertilized by the hens father, brother, cousin, or a total stranger.

I want to hatch chicks from unrelated hen and roo.
This is not your question, but many of us hatch from related chickens. The details can get long and complicated but for thousands of years many flocks on small farms or in villages have sustained themselves through inbreeding for a few generations. Every few generations they bring in a new total-stranger rooster to reset genetic diversity. I don't know what your goals are or why you might want to hatch chicks but we can chat about that if you wish.

But in further answer to your question, for thousands of years people on those farms or in those villages have eaten eggs fertilized by inbreeding with no ill effects.

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