can roosters get along?


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Jul 12, 2008
South Lyon, MI.
I am raising my first chicken babies and decided to go with Silkie's. I purchased them as a straight run because the only place I could find that sold smaller quantities did not sex them. I have 8 beautiful healthy well behaved 10 week olds. Everything is perfect and happy....except.... I think I have 6 roosters!!!! The kids said we can't give any away so what are my options? So far there has been no picking or cannibalism, I haven't seen any serious fighting either. I have noticed that they all line up on the roost in the A.M. and have a crowing contest. Any suggestions?

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Apr 24, 2007
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I'm beginning to think it depends on the breed. I have Black Australopes and have 5 roosters they fight. I have 30 polish and the roosters fight. Then I have Cochins and they all get along. The banties are the same the roosters seem to all get along Every once in awhile jthey face off but nothing serious. All these separate breeds were raised together I noticed early on that one of the Blacks was boss and the rest knew it. Now i have to find homes for many many roosters LOL Micki

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