Can roosters pick favorite peoples?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cupman, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I have a rooster and he's about 8 months old. He had an aggressive streak at around 5 or 6 months but after a few weeks he chilled out. He's attacked us but usually it's weak and doesn't even hurt us.. he just jumps up and does the motions, never hits with claws. Well around Thanksgiving I had a friend come over for dinner, big guy, probably 6'4 285 pounds. He told me roosters don't mess with him etc.. well as soon as he turned his back the fight was on. Then just this morning he attacked my other friend, this time he jumped in the air and came feet first. Friend kicked him probably 4 times to keep him away and he just would not stop his advances, he was fearless.

    I'm getting worried, he can't behave like this but he doesn't much get aggressive with me. Is it because he's familiar with me? Will he eventually get to know my friends?
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    Far more likely that he 'will get to attacking you' more vigorously.
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    Some breeds are more aggressive than others, I had 2 EE roosters that attacked my Grandchildren and I found them new homes and put purebred Ameraucana Roosters in with my Easter eggers...The grandchildren can now go collect eggs without being attacked. I have a Splash Maren Rooster that attacked the red 5 gallon bucket I use to carry their food in to them...well he got me too. I was furious [​IMG] and caught him up and carried him around with me while I was in the pen, he now leaves the bucket alone... but I had to do this 3 different times....I have 15 Roos in different pens, all different breeds....none of them attack! Their are threads on here about training Roo's not to attack, but if I get a bad one he's gone.... [​IMG] [​IMG] ~Charm1704

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