can roosters sense which hens are most fertile?

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    I have a flock of 15 laying hens and 2 roosters (this count doesn't include the 9 pullets who haven't yet reached POL). It is obvious that many of the hens get alot of action: the 2 BRs, 4 of the 5 golden comets, 2 of the 3 EEs, both white cochins, and the BO. However, the white crested polish, the splash andalusian, 1 comet and 1 EE don't ever get any action. The roosters don't chase them. Granted, of course, I could miss things, although I do watch them alot. But they all have perfect feathers and certainly don't look like the other hens with their poor bald backs!
    Do roosters sense fertility, or do they maybe simply have taste preferences?
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    They jump on the ones that are most receptive. I saw my roo miss twice trying to get a young pullet his age but not yet laying. He has enough receptive ladies that it didn't matter.
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    Yes, well at least I've heard, when the female's comb becomes even more red than usual, then the roo better knows who and when. However, I'm sure there is more to it, but they know.
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    ok i just read on this page the answer to ur question, it is titled Can a rooster sence pheremones? i hope it helps!!!

    God bless!!!

    <3 lucyboo

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