Can Serama hatchlings/chicks be put under a broody non-Serama hen?

Blue Eggerz

Sep 4, 2019
West Coast, Washington State
New to chicken raising, so thought I'd ask first to ensure it'd be okay (or not?). Two months ago I successfully incubated and hatched 10 Ameraucana chicks - they are in with the flock now. I have a good incubator, and a nice brooder setup - they thrived! I also had a hen hatch two babies, they also did very well. I'd rather let the hen raise them if possible, less time/energy spent on my part. ;)

Meanwhile, almost 3 weeks ago I won a raffle for 7 fertile Serama eggs. I promptly brought them home and put them in the incubator. I've candled them, they're all viable and growing, and they're due to hatch this coming Friday/Sat (Sept 20-21). Today I have one of my Ameraucana hens that's gone broody (first time, she's about 8+ months old). Because I'd rather have them hen-raised if I have the option (vs. brooder), can I put my Serama babies under my Ameraucana hen? If so, when - how old should they be? And should I give them to her during the night? I don't know if all 7 will hatch (hope I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch, LOL!), but can I put all (or however many do hatch) under her? Thanks for any advice, peeps! :)
First try put one under her if she accept it then put one by one under her. Some hen accepts and some don’t. She may kill the chicks if not accepted by her.

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