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Can some one give me a bit of backround info?

Discussion in 'Chickenstocks, Shows, Meet-Ups' started by Basil, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Basil

    Basil Hatching

    Mar 19, 2012
    I am going to be entering for the showmans comp at the Easter Show. Just wondering if you could help me learn more, as i have never done it before.

  2. hoppy

    hoppy I'm not all fluff

    May 5, 2007
    central maine
    depending on your age and experience, first time so you are a novice. make sure you know about YOUR breed of chicken, how is this breed different then other breeds. what main things does the breed standard call for. know how to reconize other breeds of poultry, more advanced questions will be name the parts of the bird. make sure your bird is in show condition and clean and you need to be dressed clean ideally white shirt, matching pants optional but prefered.
    that will give you a start. hopefully someone else can chime in.
  3. juliechick

    juliechick Transplanted Hillbilly

    Jun 27, 2008
    Southeast AR
    Go to the American Bantam Association website and look on their Junior page for a list of knowledge you should know for showmanship. It is broken down by age group. The Amer. Poultry Association may have it on their website, too. I don't know.

    You will absolutely need to know the parts of the bird: name all the feather sections, and so on. That is really basic knowledge, not advanced. (Sorry, hoppy [​IMG]) My son needed to know that for PeeWee competition. You need to study the standard for your breed, what to look for in a good example of that breed.

    Don't be overwhelmed by all the knowledge. Just do your best for the first time and then ask the judge later how you did and what else you could have added. You will learn a lot by doing. Good luck!

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