can some one pleas tell me what breed my rooster is

That's definitely a white leghorn rooster or a white new jersey giant. just by the size it is probably a giant.
Such a gorgeous boy
! He's friendly enough that you can hold him, that's great! He really looks like a large White Leghorn. Gorgeous boy!
That is no doubt a White Jersey Giant. I live in NJ not far from where this breed was developed and see many of these roosters. He is a really good looking bird.
not a leghorn as he doesn't have a white earlobe and is of the wrong build. Either a giant or a Cornish cross (meatie) where did you get him?? heres a picture of one of my meatie roosters
no I meant a Cornish cross as I said my two roos died at about 1 1'2 years old my hen just died a month short of becoming 3 years old. I do know most don't live long but there are some that do.

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