can somebody help me sex my cochins and duck


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Aug 4, 2012
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I bought these cochins at tsc as a strait run along with some California whites and ducks...I have my cal whites figured out easy easy but the cochins are giving me problems. as far as my ducks I believe I have 3 pekin females and I think the last one is a Saxony duck but im unsure if it is female or male and if It is a sax. oh and they are all 9 weeks old thanks yall.

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this looks like a langshan not a cochin
here is the pic of my duck i think is a saxony and idk about the gender as it looks colored like a female but it seems like there is a feather or two curled on its rear unlike my pekin female ducks. oh and it is 9 weeks old too. thanks for any help

so as far as my other black ones how can i go about finding out the gender.. the combs all look the same height and color plus i havnt heard any of the black ones trying to crow like my white ones. thanks for id'ing the barred one for me i was hoping it was a pullet as she is the only barred one in the group. are cochins that hard to figure out or am i just missing something lol

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