Can someone explain KNITTING socks to me?


10 Years
May 11, 2009
I really really want to Knit socks. i know how to knit. i do NOT have a round needle. i have the dbl pointed ones tho, which is what i could swear was what you needed. but now i cant find a *simple* pattern for dbl points. using regular needles would be fine too i m not sure if you can do it that way tho. i dont want anything fancy to start, just a simple sock... (well ok two socks). i dont know how to crochet, and have tried, cant figure it out beyond the chaining, so no crochet plz. i get so annoyed when i find something that says, knit and it turns out to be crochet.
i want them to be all thick and heavy, lol. i like having Warm feet.
no i ve never used the double points either. in fact i have only ever knitted some monkeys, scarves and hats. i Love knitting tho, it is so relaxing (when the baby isnt pulling on the yarn, lol) please someone, help? i dont know Anyone local who knows how to knit, so i really have to rely on the internet. thanks!!!
There are more out there... Most of the "Bev's" patterns are great.

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