Can someone explain KNITTING socks to me?


10 Years
May 11, 2009
I really really want to Knit socks. i know how to knit. i do NOT have a round needle. i have the dbl pointed ones tho, which is what i could swear was what you needed. but now i cant find a *simple* pattern for dbl points. using regular needles would be fine too i m not sure if you can do it that way tho. i dont want anything fancy to start, just a simple sock... (well ok two socks). i dont know how to crochet, and have tried, cant figure it out beyond the chaining, so no crochet plz. i get so annoyed when i find something that says, knit and it turns out to be crochet.
i want them to be all thick and heavy, lol. i like having Warm feet.
no i ve never used the double points either. in fact i have only ever knitted some monkeys, scarves and hats. i Love knitting tho, it is so relaxing (when the baby isnt pulling on the yarn, lol) please someone, help? i dont know Anyone local who knows how to knit, so i really have to rely on the internet. thanks!!!


Eye see you...
11 Years
May 17, 2008
Here, there, and everywhere...
There are more out there... Most of the "Bev's" patterns are great.

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