Can SOMEONE give opinion (if you're knowledgable on Black Australorps)???


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Mar 2, 2009
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I have 10 17 do black australorp chix hatched under broody salmon faverolles and am trying to decide if theres a possibility 1 or 2 of the chix are ACTUALLY offspring of the faverolles. The BA chix I've bought in past were predominantly black and the pix I look up of BA chix show some with a ton of light coloring on them(altho I am not sure of the knowledge of person posting pix). Does anyone know if 17 do BAs can have this much light color on them?(can't tell if they have feathering on legs-pretty wild compared to my box raised babies!)
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You've an assortment of chicks there from several parents. To try and answer a question of favorelle, yes, a black rooster over salmon will produce black offspring.

What would be helpful and fun is if you stated what different breeds you have then folks here could guess as to each chicks parenting. Pics as they grow would help. A broody will sit on any and all eggs. What hatched is up to what she collected to put under her or what you marked and placed under her. Broody hens will continue to collect eggs for clutch so folks usually mark the eggs and take out those that continue to show up.
Well-I micro managed the breeding and its not probable ANY other hens laid in the broody area(has 4' fence around it but......) unless they did it and managed to jump out of my "breeding" pen. Theres only really a posibility of the mix(if ANY) being SF and BA because of suzettes involvment(suzettes the SF broody) the last 2 days in with the breeders. She was with him only the 2 days then I removed ALL of the other hens/roo.I think it will be a "hurry up and wait" thing as the pix I am finding DO show a ton of white on 3 wk. old ba chix. The 1 chic I really question has way more white than the rest and will be interesting what he/she looks like in 3 months.
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Salmon faverolles probably don't get barring either and I am not sure WHATS what. I DO have 1 other roo, a barred rock, and I would think if HE had gotten in my BA roo would have fried him because the BA runs the show(or so I think!)I never noticed anyone else in with the BA when they were laying so this will be interesting in a few weeks.Will have to put cover on breeding pen next time I am trying for purebreds! My hatchery bought BA chix had dots on their heads and various degrees of white but not quite as much as these are showing.
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It's more likely that your BR roo is running secret convoy missions to the hens. It is not uncommon for a sub roo to sneak in dalliances with the hens while the dominant roo isnt looking

You definitely have his babies there. The only way to ensure pure-breeding is to pen the pair you want away from the other birds (think of it as a Honeymoon suite).
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My thoughts NOW are one of my barred rock HENS got in when the BA was doing his stuff BECAUSE I remembered a couple of weeks into suzette(sf broody) setting on eggs one of my small barred rock hens jumped in the pen with her(and I KNOW if she laid an egg THEN it wouldn't have hatched with suzettes other eggs). My point IS this BR hen may have jumped in/out when hatching eggs were being laid(and of course, as u suggest pele, it COULD have been the BR roo-I JUST DON"T KNOW) gee-so if it WAS the barred rock hen that laid egg during hatching egg time it could be 100% barred rock because she was in the main pen with him(br roo) most of the time(but what do I know??) are we confused yet?The reasoning for wanting ONLY black australorp chix to hatch was so they would be undistinguishable from one another when slaughter time came and it wouldn't be as heartwrenching. Now I may have a few individuals that are unique and will get cute names and live with me for 10 yrs. great.

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