Can someone help me?? ID my chicks....


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Jul 28, 2010
Ripley, WV
I ordered 2 buff orpingtons, 2 white barred rocks and 1 Easter Egger. - ALL HENS. I got the Easter Egger. I think I have 1 buff (the yellow bird). One bird got nabbed by a coon. (niece was caring for them - I took them away from her). I have these 2 birds that I don't know what they are. They sure aren't white or black barred rocks. I'm thinking Long Islands...??? To me they look like roosters (these pictures they are 6 weeks old). Roosters??

Does this bird look like a 6 week old rooster and what is it?? Maybe a long island red and the females develop big combs?? (I hope)
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I'm sorry- I can't tell for sure from the photo but you may want to post this question in the "what breed or gender is this?" section. Do you have some photos from the sides to help identify the gender? I agree with you - it doesn't look like you have any barred or white rocks, and it looks (at least from the top) that you've got two rhode island reds or production reds, one EE, and one buff bird. I hope you've got girls.
Good luck
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I guess there's not a way that I can move this post is there? I guess I didn't see the 'what breed or gender' thread.
Sab- I don't know how to "move" a post, but you can repost your question along with some more photos in that category and I think you'll get alot more responses. Do you have any pix from the side? that will help too.
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Thanks folks! I see that what breed thread now. Didn't look low enough on the list. I'll repost this. Thanks. The tails aren't pointing down. They point up. I'm hoping they aren't roos. I don't want them if they are. They will be freebies to anyone who wants them.

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