Can someone help with my Ameraucana chick colors please?

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    I bought 24 hatching eggs from a lady who said (in a nutshell) she has a large flock of Ameraucana hens and THREE LAVENDER ROOSTERS. Some of the hens are also Lavender, so (I) will get some full blood lavender chicks. All the hens are Ameraucana, bearded and muffed except ONE that lays green eggs. (Easter egger) All the eggs I received were various shades of sky blue, no green eggs, and all her roosters are Lavender Ameraucanas. Pictures of her flock were Ameraucanas and there were a lot of black hens proportionately

    I did post on 'what breed or gender is this' but didn't get anything conclusive. Any help would be appreciated!

    This is what I hatched:
    Tell me these guys are Lavender? These guys????????


    The guy on the right is the only one like him. Penguin.... Penguin again. He came from a very small blue egg

    Black colors and a couple of feet pictures. ALL their feet are exactly the same color and kind of a blue grey color.[​IMG]

    There are 16 in all and I have to decide who to keep (Will Keep five or six and sell the rest..umm soon as Hubby says they are kicked out! Seriously, though I am only keeping 5-6. They are about two weeks old.

    Can you tell me what I have? And tell me how to decide who to keep?


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