Can someone please tell me what breed our rooster is?


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012

This past spring we decided to get some chickens, guineas and ducks. My husband picked out an Americana for our rooster and then we selected some brown hens, a couple of Australorp hens, some fancy silverlace hens and then I picked two more little cute black chicks from a pullets only box....well, as the chicks grew I noticed one of the little blacks we named Sprite bumping chests with our only known rooster. I looked at my husband and told him that Sprite was NOT a girl...and he grew up to prove me right. I would just like to know what type he is. It would be nice to know what the little black hen is too as she has a brown head and black body. She is very mild tempered and is often fighting the other hens off the nests so she can sit on the eggs. But if anyone can tell me what breed Sprite is I would appreciate it. Thanks.
That looks like the male offspring of a Black Sex-link cross. The pullets from the cross are black with reddish-brown feathers on the head, neck, and sometimes the chest. The male offspring only have 1 copy of the barred gene so they don't have the crisp barring of a barred rock. Usually the parents to make the cross are a Rhode Island Red cock over Barred Plymouth Rock hens.
Thank you for the information. :} I was kinda thinking that he might be a mix of something and the same for her.

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