Can someone tell me a little about 4H Please??

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    I have a 4 yr old son who I really want to get involved with this and I was wondering how old they have to be and how I could get started on this. Any 4 H members out there that can help me? I am getting show silkies for him Saturday and I want him to raise them, take care of them and then show them when they get older. It would be a fun thing for him and I to do together. Is there costs in getting involved in this? What are they?
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    Hi I was a 4-H member for 18 years -years ago (I wont say how many) Things may have changed some. It's lots of fun and teaches responsibility. Go to your local extension office they can tell you about it. Every state could be different.
    Go to this

    There are monthly meetings and project meetings for what ever your child signs up for. We had a fair to show off the year's accompishments and ribbons for winners. Trips and lots of fun with learning and fun the end result. It does require a parents input at first but as the child gets older if the child is doing it right just guidence from the parent will be all that is needed.

    The only bad thing I found when my kids joined (again several years ago) was some clubs have people who want to run the whole show and are very controling but as with everything and everywhere people will just be people and it taught the kids how not to be. Also how to deal with it constructively. Don't let that stop you from joining or at least looking into it. Most clubs will let you come and observe a meeting or two as guest.

    My kids still talk about the fun they had and my son is talking about putting his kids in they are 9 and 11. My Son is a general manager at Apple BEES restraunt and my Daughter is a Dietary manager at nursing home for the elderly. Good luck Susan:duc
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    In OK that would put your child in cloverbuds...not able to show animals but eligible for little kids stuff (don't ask me exact details depends on what you want to do) Our kids aren't really in 4-H until they are 9....depends on the area again as to what they will be able to show and when...we do not do poultry out here because our fair boards do not recognize them as animals...all steers make the sale but that is another issue for a rant!

    Can be really good times...especially if parents stay the heck out and let the kids do the work and the leader is allowed to lead. But that is true with all things involving kids. We like it...showing goats. Season just ended for us.

    There are other opportunities for a kid to be involved like county fairs and the normal poultry shows put on by the breed associations and groups...they let anyone show and such but the kid doesn't show the animal they just raise it and such

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