Can someone tell me just to give up hope and biff the eggs!

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Ok, day 23 and only one little pip on day 19 from the 6 Langshan eggs I have shared between my broody buff orp and barred rock. I know I should give up! Fertile eggs from a reputable brooder so can only assume Mr Postman was very rough and/or the mayhem in the chook house with egg and nest swapping was just too much for the eggs. Really must try harder next time to give the broody her own space but these two were having no of it and kept on going back to the nest box. Poor things - over 3 weeks of dedicated sitting and nothing to show for it
Have you tried the float test? Put the egg in a cup of water, and watch for movement. The water will allow you to see the tiniest of movement. Or you could poke a small hole at the top of the air cell to see what is going on. I'd rather check and make sure it is dead, then assume that it is.
Ok, have just done the float test . They all floated with about 20% above water but I didnt see any movement. So I can assume that the chicks did develop but died around about hatching time. Will leave under the girls just one more day:/
I know - thanks for your support. This is the second hatch for the barred rock and she had no luck the first time either (infertile rooster!). She has plucked herself bare, hardly ever gets off the nest, is always tidying up and looks so proud.

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