can someone tell me what kinda chickens I have


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May 2, 2015
Can you get a better photo of the darker bird? Neither appears to be full silkie from the photos provided, but better pictures can help to narrow down what they are. Were these hatchery/store sourced birds or did they come to you via a private person/hatching eggs of unknown parentage?

ETA - so I don't appear completely crazy - the silkie reference is coming from a post that has been deleted.
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I really can't get a handle on either one. The black looks somewhat silkie-ish but seeing her(?) from the back doesn't do any good. It would also help to know their ages.
I know she's 2-4 weeks from the store said but my 1st two were gifts for working on a farm but the are like 3 times her size but not full grown the "red" one's just now getting a cone I think it's a Rhode island red

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