Can someone tell me what this girl is?


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Mar 2, 2010
San Bernardino, CA
I picked up this little girl yesterday to come live us because she had a hawk after her where she was living. The owner didn't have a name for her or know what breed she is. She is tiny, about 1 foot from the tip of her beak to the end of her tail feathers. She looks similar to my BLH but smaller and talks an awful lot more. She is already laying (white shelled eggs) so she isn't a baby.

Can anyone give me an idea what she might be?



Here is a video also:
She's an Old English Game. They are very tough and hardy little birds, they are efficient with their feed and good free-rangers. They are tiny birds, but have HUGE personalities. I love them, I've got a blue/splash pair I'm planning to breed once the pullet starts to lay.

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