can the big rat traps kill a small raccoon? squirrell?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by SeattleChickenHead, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Sep 26, 2010
    I have the big rat traps the old fashioned snap kind, the big ones that say RAT trap, also i modify them by screwing to a piece of 2x4, then I add liitle sidewalls and a roof from cedar picket chunks, this makes sure the rain dosent wash away my peanut butter, and they cant get at the bait from the side or above, also im not gonna step on it...also by adding this weight to the trap, more energy goes into the snap bar cuz it dosent lift the trap or flip it when the bar launches......

    So today I got a HUGE "city rat", at least 10 inch with tail, probably weighed close to 2 lbs!....Id say 1.7 lbs.....(mixed blessing? this means theres more of these guys)

    I KNOW we have raccoons, but I hardly ever see them since I assaulted one with a rake! (its what I had nearby, lol)

    Ive also set up one of those spinning wheel bucket drowning traps, Ive caught one mouse in it but my bait keeps dissappearing, not overnight but over a few nights, I know a coon could just stand on its hind legs and eat from the bucket trap...I dont have a live trap (yet) but will get one soon.

    Can my snap traps kill a coon? what kind of coon/kill trap could i make (with stuff from around my house *cheep*) that a cat wouldnt go near? I wouldnt mind if I got a squirrell either!
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    Your rat traps might make a raccoon angry. They are not likely to kill one.

    Those rat traps are excellent at killing squirrels.

    Inside a properly constructed box they also are great at dispatching weasels.

    If you want to catch a raccoon get a raccoon sized live trap, for killing them there are conibears (body holding traps), or snares.

    Just be certain that the method used is legal, they can be taken (PC speech for killed and during the proper season), and that you have any required permits. Predation trapping differs from normal trapping in a lot of states.

    Every outdoor survival kit should have at least two rat traps in it.

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