can they ever live together

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Today I tried to put my 2 bo in with my 3 rir and it was not pretty. I have 4 jersey giants coming in April and dont want to have 3 coops if I dont have to. I have been trying for a while now but my reds just seem to be mean. They are no longer mean to Nina my german shepard, she let them know better, but still chase Grace my other dog. I have been letting all of them free range in my back yard together now for over a month and only a few pecks here and there but nothing major. I cut a hole in the fence between the bo little run and the big run so they would have a place to run but it didnt matter the reds chase them all over even into their little coop. These were not just pecks they were trying to kill them. Nina is incharge of the back yard sometimes she will walk up to one of the reds and lick her head the red will squat and let Nina. But what is strange is that the other reds will run over and wait their turn. That nomal?

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    You could try seperating the RIR into different cages alone, to shake up the flock dynamics, for a few days. Then reintroduce them one by one. Starting with the most docile, ending with the nastiest one, a few days apart.
    Letting Nina lick them and squatting is their way of acknowledging that Nina is dominant over them.


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