Can they go outside from the beginning?

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    I am ordering 26 cornish x in the next two weeks. I am planning on building a 10x3x3 "coop" to fit into their kennel. I was wondering if I can put them in there from the beginning. I was not planning on letting them out until they are around 2-3 weeks old. Their kennel is 10x20' and I am planning on free ranging a couple hours a day too. Right now, the temps are around 70 during the day, and 50-60 at night. I was planning on putting two heat lamps in there right in the middle so the whole box gets even heat, but they can also get away from it. If I need to, I can insulate it a bit with Styrofoam. I really do not want them in my house, and my dogs and cats are not chick friendly.

  2. Quote:I brood all of mine outdoors, even in the dead of the winter!!! NO INDOOR CHICKENS HERE!!!!

    As long as your coop is predator safe and has warmth, they should be fine!
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    All of ours are brooded outside as well. We don't ever keep chicks in the house. As long as you make sure they have enough heat, they will be fine.
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    [​IMG] Can't understand why you wouldn't want 26 chicks running around with your cats and dogs in the house??

    I think lots of people brood outside. Just check on them often, warmth, ventilation, food and water.... sounds like a plan to me. Be careful with the heat lamps. Brooder fires are scary.


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    Thanks for the replies. We normally only get 3-5 chicks for the flock at a time, and they are normally brooded in our bathroom for the first 2 weeks. 26 would not fit in there and I'm sure it would get smelly fast.
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    They should be fine as long as you have a lamp and there are no drafts. I have my 2 week olds outside in a tractor with a 2x3 plastic doghouse as their shelter. The last two nights have been in the thirties, and it was stressful because it was colder than I had planned, but I added a second heat lamp and a few boards to block wind from the entrance (leaving a gap for them to get out and escape the heat if necessary) and they did great. In fact, both mornings when I went out at 7 with temps still in the upper 30's several of them were outside waiting for food.

    Also, watch them during the day, especially after the first week. If the daytime temp stays in the 70's you may be able to let them out of their enclosure after they're like 8 days old, as long as they still have access to the heat when they need it. Cornish X are very hardy and handle cold well, but don't do very well when they get too hot.
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    We put ours under broody hens, so they were on the ground from Day 2. Worked a treat, no need for medicated feed, no coccidiosis problems. They do seem to be cold-hardy.

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