Can this be fixed? New baby


Feb 16, 2018
Central Florida
I checked on momma hen sitting on her eggs and one of her eggs were half hatched. The baby was shrinked wrapped and so I helped it out, then stuck it in the incubator in a bowl because it’s insides were almost closed but not all the way.

Checking on it later showed that he still has a swollen soft belly and legs that are really messed up. On leg wants to go behind him and the other sticks off the the side. The one to the side isn’t as bad but the foot is bent.. at least one broken toe.
Anyway to help this guy? Or is the kindest think is to help him pass ( I’m not sure I can do it .. maybe DH can).
Messed up legs is a good cause to cuil in my experience... and not likely related to incubation but possibly genetic. :hmm

Has you babe been able to stand up or sit up on it's own yet? How long since it's been hatched?

Some people will try to fix bent toes and splayed leg. Some are successful and others not so much. I have had both outcomes, but choose not to fix anymore as things get worse with age and weight and I don't want the bad genetics breeding forward in my stock. It's a very personal choice and never an easy one. But always important to consider quality of life. Here is a link to see about helping if you go that route...

Hope the rest of your hatch goes well! :fl:jumpy:jumpy

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