Can too many roosters be the cause of infertility?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by taprock, Mar 23, 2013.

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    This seems a strange question so let me give you a little back ground. I am in northern Michigan where we are still buried under feet of snow. I have 62 chickens divided into 2 coops. 15 of them are roosters. Yes you read it right. The large coop has large fowl and a couple bantams who are tough. The small coop has bantams and a couple wimpy large fowl and it works well. They are free range but most are very confined right now because only a few like the snow. They all get along with an occasional scuffle. All winter I have only had one bloody incident. I have so many because I have several trios of different breeds that I will divide out into small breeding pens once the snow is gone. I have them all together now for warmth, ease in watering since everything is frozen, and less snow removal for me. I have incubated twice this winter and the fertility rate has been low to none. I know I have enough roosters but am wondering if they just aren't finishing their "work" because they are thinking there is competition. Any ideas?
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    My guess is that the roosters are chasing each other around and maybe hiding behind some ladies....In other words, attention divided. You won't necessarily see fighting just movement.......

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