Can trauma cause crossbeak?

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    Two months ago I has a chick that was attacked by her mother as soon as she hatched. Below's a picture of Frankenchick's injuries on one side of her head a couple days after the attack. When I rescued her from her mother, she had blood coming out of her nostrils along with pretty much being scalped. With some intensive nursing, she survived.


    Three weeks ago or so I started noticing that Frank's beak was not straight. She's a Ameraucana/Marans cross, and of the seven hatched from her mother's eggs, she's the only one without a straight beak. I've never seen crossbeak in person, so I don't know if it's a minor or slow developing case of that, or if this is something related to the attack she suffered right after hatching. Her whole skull is slightly curved to one side, really. Her beak curve hasn't gotten worse since I noticed, and it just seems really strange for it not to be related to the injury. I guess the important question is whether or not it's likely to get much worse.




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    It could have been caused by injury. As long as she is able to eat and drink well, then there is not much you can do about it. There's always a possibility it could get worse, time will tell.

    Here's some tips to help her if she starts having trouble.

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