Can trauma stop egg laying permanently?


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Jan 21, 2009
Ok so I have been waiting since last September, I think this is enough time for the issue to work itself out, now I will ask!!
I have a Welsummer, I think she is 2 this Spring. I bought her with 2 other Welsummers and 3 Cucoo Morans. They were my newest lot bringing my total flock number up to 25. Long story short, a mink got the other 5 chocolate layers ( and 7 of my older gals.....grrrrr).
Mink left, she was laying regularly till sometime in the summer I had a Americauna go broody so my daughter shut the coop daily to get her out of the layer box. My Welsummer quit laying since then. She did not molt Fall or Spring, yet, is the most gorgeous of them all but worthless as an egg layer.....I miss my chocolate eggs. Will she ever lay again? Is there anything I can do to help her? Thanks for any insight.

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I don't think there's much you can do to encourage her to lay again but try giving her some extra sunflower seeds or extra calcium. I know this might be frustrating but wait another 2 weeks and if she still doesn't lay, I'm not sure if she will ever lay again.
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This winter my leghorns stop laying not an egg for 2 1/2 mounths an old farmer here suggested higher protein feed i get 22 percent all natural add flex seed everyday and leave the light on in your coop at night with in a week of this my hens started laying and with in 2 weeks they all were laying so i am not sure if they just started laying on there own or this really helped but i will tell you they haven't stop laying sence.
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