can two female budgies live together?

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    I have a friend who found a young budgie and is now keeping it in a really small "canary" cage. I told her that it wont be able to flap its wings or fly in that cage and it would be unhappy. While I was holding the bird she said that we could keep it if her parents let her. I would put it with my two year old female budgie in a big flight cage but would they get along? I also wanted another budgie so that mine would have company as I haven't had as much time to spend with her and she is looking lonely and depressed.
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    Yes, two females can get along, but as with most animals, it's best to introduce on neutral territory. I would highly recommend getting another cage and do a 30 day quarantine for the new budgie before you introduce them. After that, you can keep the cages beside each other while they get to know one another. Eventually (if they bond well) you may be able to have them live together and can then sell the extra cage or keep it for future situations. [​IMG]
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    My friends parents won't give up the budgie so I can't get her. I have found someone else giving away a male budgie but it has a deformed foot and it turns outwards. They found it on a highway. I don't want to buy a budgie from a pet shop or breeder and have been looking for budgies in shelters but can't seem to find any other than this one. Would my current bird pick on the new one because of its deformity?
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    Male and female should be fine together. She probably won't care about its foot.
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    Especailly when a the male is bigger, as I image he would be, she should not pick on him. If his deformity effected his size, she might; birds will sometimes pick on birds that are smaller than them. And the idea of introducing the birds slowly is an excellent idea. We took care of my friend's cockatiel for a month and my, seeming vicous towards anyone but me, parolette completely fell in love with him becuase their cages were next to each other (they used to sing together :ya ).

    Good luck with your birds!
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    Why would the male be bigger? Unless the male is "English" and the female is "American", there really is no size difference between the sexes in budgies. In species where there IS a size difference between males and females, it isn't always the case that males are bigger, anyway. Among many raptors, females are substantially larger than males.


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