Can two male Ringnecks-babies raised together- be in the same pen?


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Jun 6, 2009
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I an not interested in breeding and wondered if I get two male Ringneck babies instead of related male and female if they will fight later-like chickens? The only pheasants I have found locally are Ringneck, I wanted some calmer ,smaller bird but they are so pretty. Pheasant netting comes down off the side of the barn and will give some flying room but from what I've read it seems like they are more "forceful,excellent fliers." The place the parents are in is VERY small and they seemed fine. Maybe I'm worried for no reason. Can anyone comment here? The owner said it doesn't matter that they are from the same clutch if they breed?
Theres Alot Of Variables Here... From The Individual Birds Personalities To The Overall Space And Structure Of Their Pen. More Than 1 Male Can Be Housed Togather If Given Enough Space And Hiding Places, If Raised Togather It May Lessen The Annimosity. Many Do Cross Siblings, But If Possible A Deeper Gene Pool Is Always Preferred Unless Selective Breeding To Capture A New Or Desired Unusual Trait. Now Is A Difficult Time To Find Birds... Most Adults Will Be Used For The Upcoming Or Current Breeding Season, They Are Seasonal Breeders So Majority Arent Laying Yet So Chicks Are Scarce... I Hatched A Batch Last Month And All Were Sold In Less Than 16 Hrs... More Selection Will Be Available Late Summer Or Fall As Folks Start To Thin Out Flocks And Liquidate Excess Birds... This Will Be Very True Of Many Other Speces As Well. Ringnecks Seem To Start Breeding Laying Early Down Here, I Have Been Getting Fertile Eggs For Almost 2 Mos Now While Most Of The Country Can Only Look Forward To "when They Finally Start To Lay..."

Pen Structures Will Need Much More Room Than You Are Used To With Chickens If Keeping Many Birds Or Multiple Males... Also Proper Sex Ratios Help Keep Things Calmer In The Aviary As Well. Aviary Or Pen Needs To Be Sturdy And Predator Proof... If Keeping Mult Breeder Groups Or Different Speces Nearby Or Any Pheasant Near Chickens Solid Wall Construction At Least 2 1/2- 3 1/2 Ft High Is A Great Help For Both Visual And Biological Barriers, And Its Hard For Rocky The Raccoon Or Sylvester The Cat To Reach In Thru Solid Walls And Hook A Bird With Their Claws.
Once male's get old enough to breed alot of room is needed for mult. males. 10 -1 or 20-2 should be enough of a ratio if proper room is available.
Just make sure you have plenty of hiding places and space with more than 1 male per pen. When breeding or not.
Hope this helps some.
Good luck, and maybe you should have a couple of peepers on standby just incase you don't like what you see.
Yes, they will fight no matter, alot of chasing going on.
You can't breed 2 males.The post said you wanted to know if 2 males can be housed together.Now ralk is about breeding.I must of missed something.You can house many males together provided your pen is big and as long as there are no hens near them.
In N.H.,Tony.
Ha Ha, well, the only thing I DO know is you can't breed two males. Yes, I said I was NOT interested in breeding. Just wondered if I got two males if they would fight later, like roosters. Even free range mine were mean to each other so now only one great rooster! Everyone has been helpful and I thank you for that. After reading all the posts I feel like looking for some other type birds to go in the area we fixed up . It probably be fine if I do get pheasants. The chickens are on the other side of the barn for the most part( they could walk nearby) but not close and at night all birds go into separated horse stalls (windows wired) so no predators can get them. At the moment I feel a little discouraged with coryza etc. , realizing, of course, that's the way it is with any animal/bird. I just want some pretty birds to look at and enjoy and for THEM to be happy and healthy. We have the 2" pheasant netting so the birds can't be too small. Any ideas?
Thanks Eagle2026, I wondered about Bobwhite Quail but didn't know if they could get out of that netting. Can they fly up 8' ?
Guess I better read up on them. Sounds like a good choice tho. and those Chukar look interesting, if these birds will go in at night.
Will keep investigating. I like the idea of nice sounds from them too.
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