Can two roosters live together with hens?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by spies04, Jul 11, 2011.

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    May 28, 2011
    We got two roosters in our batch of hens from the hatchery. So far, they are both getting along and one has stated he is boss without the other one taking him on. I already have one house with an extremely dossle rooster so, I have decided to manage another house with the two roosters and still have the hens with them. I am not sure if this will work forever or do I move all of the hens out with the dossle rooster and leave the two roosters alone in the 2nd house. They were hatched at the beginning of March.

    One is an Amerucana (the boss) and the other is a Buff Orphington.

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    Depends on how many hens they will be covering. They say it is good to have one roo per every 10 hens but I found that number too few and found that one roo per 15 hens is a much better fit and no one gets so hard used that they can't keep their clothes on. If you have two roos constantly riding a few hens they will lose feathers, have raw backs and it may affect their laying.
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    It depends upon the temperments of the individual roosters and the number of hens that you have. Give it a try and if problems arise address them then.
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    If they grow up together, chances are much much higher that they will get along. In the past I have always had 2 roosters. Even when I had far fewer then the recommended hens/roo ratio.... Just the way my luck ran.

    Anyway, my roosters had their own roles in the flock. Big Boy stayed with the flock, and Ducky (yes he was a roo) escorted the ladies back and forth to the coop to lay their egg. They grew up together. My current 2 roos aren't getting along so well. Ok... camo beat the crap out of Ugly Boy, who know spends the evening/nights in the house. This time it was different, Camo was an adult looking for some girls... UB turned out to be a roo, and well Camo wasn't willing to share.

    So... after all that, it boils down to ---> It all depends on the rooster. [​IMG]

    Good luck!
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    Quote:If they were just hatched in the beginning of March then they are cockerels, not roosters. They are considered a rooster after they are 1 year old. Same as a femal is a oullet until she is a year, then she's a hen.
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