Can u post pics of Black and birchin Cochin bantam chicks??

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    im thinking about getting some more cochin bantams. i really like the blacks and birchins. can anyone post pics of the chicks at like a week old. a month or so old. and adults?? it will help me decide which ones i wanna get.
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    I have some pictures of my hatchery black cochin hens and chicks at different ages in a variety of places on blog. It can be found in the signature link at the bottom of this post or on the side bar by my username. Unfortunately, I could not find any photos of my one and only birchen cockerel that one of my hens raised at the end of this summer. The black and birchen chicks looked almost identical at a few days old when they arrived in an Ideal Poultry bantam assortment. The birchen was darker on the front, almost no white on the chest, in comparison to the blacks from Ideal. Because of that, I kept it, just to see if it was a birchen after all. It wasn't until about 3 weeks that I saw confirmation of white flecks starting to show around the hackles on the birchen. I found a rooster friendly home for him outside of Lancaster when he was around 6 weeks, therefore, I don't have any pictures to show you how they turn out.

    Feathersite has some good examples of both black and birchen cochins. It is always a great place to check out varieties' pictures.
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    thank u for the info on the black and birchin cochins. just have one more question. is this a black cochin chick? it looks like it has less white than the ones on ur sight. and do u think male or female. 3 1/2 weeks old bantam

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    With my limited experience with Birchens, I think it is a Black.
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    I don't know if you are still interested but I been tracking my chicks and posting photos as we go. Two have ended up being Birchin which surprised me! They are just lovely, VERY sweet and mellow. Anyway, here is the thread with my chicks and photos of them at 1 day old, 3 weeks old, and 6 weeks old. Babies #1 & #3 ended up being Birchin, I expected them to be black:
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