Can u use 7-dust to treat chickens for mites or lice?

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    Oct 2, 2016
    I had a rooster breeder say u can use 7-dust for mites or lice on chickens, does anyone know if this is true. I first noticed my chickens having fuzzy looking tails at their base. soon the feather were gone and red skin and baldness followed. I am a first time chicken keeper and need some advice. I have bought blue coat for their skin that's bald and red and pick no more lotion and placed in key spots on the chickens. their wings look bad too can someone recommend what to do. I will post a photo of what it looks like soon
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    There r those who day do not use 7 dust on your chickens then there are those that say it's ok. I for one use a light dust of 5% 7 dust once / twice a week on the grown Hens and around the coop to keep ants away. I put the dust I y hands rub together dripping excess then pat my [​IMG] with my hands. No problems so far. Diatomaous earth also is good..
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    I haven't used Sevin dust directly ON my chickens . However, i DO keep it in their next boxes in the bottom or mixed with their nesting material. They then dust themselves when the scratch around in the hay in the box. Don't have any mite problem.

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