Can VetRx be used on small chicks?


10 Years
May 18, 2010
I've got a chick with a stuffy nose that is now gasping and sneezing out a clearly liquid. Can I use VetRx to help her congestion?
Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? lol

But really, this poor girl is gasping and needs to be able to breathe out of her nose but I don't want to damage her mucosal membranes. Does ANYONE know if I can dilute it down or something to be safe to use on chicks?
It probably won't hurt to dip a Qtip in it and dab on her beak near her nares just once, but go easy with that stuff. Why is she having issues breathing? Is there something going around the flock or is it just one chick?
It's most likely MG going around the flock.

I acquired it from a hatchery. My brooder silkie chick was the first to start sneezing (I put the chicks in the brooder until night time), and then it started spreading through the brooder. After a few days with the broody the suspected chick passed away from unknown causes, not showing symptoms. A few days after that two hens suddenly had terrible sneezing, coughing, rales, and general congestion but were "treated" with duramycin. They were separated, but then it showed up in another so everyone's been exposed and it's just making its way through the flock. And no, I won't be culling because I'm a closed, small, backyard flock who can manage the symptoms. I have rats who were born with myco and I would never euthanize them so...why would my pet chickens get a different treatment?
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Haha I know, I just know larger chicken keepers cull for respiratory problems, especially MG and for good reason. Just wanted to put it all out there
for anyone who might've suggested it.
*sigh* I don't have a whole lot of hope for this little SS girl
. She's not gasping anymore, but she was sitting in the coop with her eyes closed not underneath mama. I took her out and put her in the brooder with the bantams, underneath the heat lamp. She stood there under the lamp with her eyes closed. I have her some poly vi sol, she ate some egg today, got a tiny bit of VetRx, and she's under more steady heat.

I guess I'll have to see what happens in the morning
Yeah I'm pretty sure this is the end :'(. Her crop's empty, she wasn't interested in food, she wasn't regulating her temp under the heat lamp (I found her panting and droopy-winged). I don't want to stick her under mama because I couldn't stand to see a trampled dead chick in the broody pen, so I stuck her back in the brooder in a cooler spot.

My poor baby
This is making me so stressed and so emotionally exhausted. My #1 priority is my big girls, who are doing great, but these chicks just can't handle it. This will be my 2nd chick lost to this illness. My Denagard SHOULD arrive tomorrow
and I'm hoping and praying it helps them.

I'm gonna go collapse into an exhausted stupor now.
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IMO it is very irresponsible for you not to cull the entire flock...................... in some states it's required and if you don't they will when they find out you are keeping a MG disease ridden flock. Why do you think you can manage an incurable disease when you couldn't keep your flock free from it to begin with. This is reason this disease is reaching epidemic proportions and it started with the hatchery industry and their poor quality and poor disease managemnet in the first place. Closing your flock is not a solution to the problem, they will always be carriers even in the egg. perhaps you should do your homework before putting anymore birds at risk, whether you think it's not an option or not your flock should be culled ASAP. I am sorry for your dilema but you must do the responsible thing, if you don't just consider yourself a contributor to the growing problem.

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