Can we do cedar board on the outside?


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Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
DH is adament about giving the coop a "rugged" look
and it's between this and hardy board--were painting it red...but I just worried b/c of the whole "cedar" thing and the chickens? Is it still bad if its on the outside of the coop? THKS!
Mama2B&D&...Chickens :

Ok, meaning OK--or ok, meaning EH, you can use it but i wouldnt
I want my babies to be healthy!!!! !

No it's totally OK. The only cedar you really need to steer clear of is cedar shavings as litter.​
AtholCoop is correct!! Cedar boards do not pose a problem as the wood is of a very small surface area compared w/ shavings. They will also be outside the coop and not accessible to the birds.
OK as in just fine. Especially outside. But expensive.

Cedar shavings are hard on their resperatory systems, but solid wood, especially on the exterior, won't be a problem. Have fun!
OK...New Egg here. I am just beginning investigating what I need to build a coop and I have several 10' lengths of cedar siding in my workshop. From what I understand on this post it is OK to use these on the siding of the coop but I need to avoid cedar shavings on the ground of the run? What can people tell me about the harm of cedar to chicks and hens? Is there another forum thread I should read? I fell so uninformed. Also, can anyone recommend a good book on coop building? I don't mean to hijack this thread but was just curious.


Hi Eric,

Cedar shaving have greater exposure of the aromatic oils and can cause respiratory problems in chicks. Cedar siding isn't a problem.

As far as coop building, go up to the very top of this page- click on Coop Designs. We'll see ya in a month or so, after you get through looking at all the fabulous coops!

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